a is for apple. b is for ball. c is for cat.

︎ start from the beginning. be clear and accessible. seek attention through simple visuals. use basic shapes and colours. ambiguity makes understanding difficult.

square, circle and triangle.

if there is nothing to say, do not say it. if there is something to say, but there are no words: use pictures. if pictures are not available: use colours.


maintain your appearance: keep your hair tidy and your body clean. take baths frequently. exfoliate your skin and moisturise. maintain good posture. eat small portions throughout the day. keep your tone calm and direct. do not be obnoxious. a picture of a sloth climbing down a tree to relieve itself.


be wary of time. do not live in the past. stay far away from traditional values and practices. make use of what is available to you at the moment. keep your mind open to new ways of thinking.

cube, sphere and cylinder.
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